Catastrophic Department

CMAC provides file reviews to determine the medical assessments required to complete the catastrophic impairment determination. Upon completion of the assessments and reports, our CAT Quality Assurance team reviews each report thoroughly to ensure accuracy and consistency across the various disciplines involved. CMAC also offers a comprehensive Executive Summary report, which includes accident-related impairments ratings according the AMA Guides.

To reach our Catastrophic Department, please contact 1-800-858-2622 ext. 6483.

Accident Benefits Department

CMAC provides nationwide coverage for Accident Benefits assessments. Our experienced team also provides thorough Quality Assurance for each report prior to release to the referral source. Our Medical Director, Dr. Hanna also completes Executive Summary reports for multi-disciplinary files.

To reach the Department of Accident Benefits, please contact 1-800-858-2622 ext. 6673.

Med-Legal Department

Whether Defense or Plaintiff, CMAC provides defensible and non-biased reports. Our experienced roster of assessors have experience and are comfortable with a court setting.

To reach the Med-Legal Department, please contact 1-800-858-2622 ext. 6673.

Business Development and Finance

Our business development and finance department delivers excellent customer service to all our clients. We provide quick response time to your inquiries. CMAC’s large network across the nation enables us to optimize the services we provide to our clients.

To reach the Department of Business Development and Finance, please contact 1-800-858-2622 ext. 6728.

Billing Department

For any questions or inquires regarding billing, please contact our Billing Department at 1-800-858-2622 ext. 6424

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